Previous Seasons

2022-2023 Power Play

First First In Show - Centerstage Logo

Power Play was an amazing year for us. From a tough start and backed up part orders, we had to be innovative. We utilized the materials we had, including some 3D-printed parts and were able to score points unlike ever before. We even got runner-up for the Innovative award.

2021-2022 Freight Frenzy

First Foward - Freight Frenzy Logo

Freight Frenzy was the start of getting everything back to normal after the pandemic with only traditional events in our league. We had a bit of a rocky start as most of our team members were new with little to no prior experence with FIRST and/or in-person competitions.

2020-2021 Ultimate Goal

Game Changers - Ultimate Goal Logo

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the Ultimate Goal season in Florida was online only. Thanks to the help of Oriux, a local engineering comany, we were able to participate in the competition even though participation was limited because of following strict Covid guidelines.

2019-2020 Skystone

FIRST Rise - Skystone Logo

While the team was officially formed during the 2017 season, the Skystone season was the first one where we actively participated in the competition. While not progressing past league level events we did get third place at one of those events and were runner up for the league's Motivate award.